Where to buy your wig ?

 Where to buy your wig?

In the majority of cancer centers, a list of wigmakers is sent to patients. Otherwise, there is the INCa site which groups together by regions and departments, professionals who have signed a charter stipulating certain principles to be respected both "at the level of reception, as well as of product presentation or after-sales service" .

To make her choice, Sandrine preferred to use specialized reading on cancer as well as on the advice of her relatives. "I have always had one and the same advice, the Any d'Avray boutique located in the first arrondissement of Paris. So I went to the store before I lost my hair and was taken care of by a saleswoman who explained the whole range of wigs to me. "

Professionals who care about their role and who, for the most part, take care of any alterations to be made to a wig. "If a client feels like she's losing it, that it's too big, I take it back by sewing to tighten it," explains Dominique Berlioz in particular.

Julie Meunier, had the idea of ​​a fringe system, associated with a turban in soft material, after discovering that she had grade 3 breast cancer at the age of 27. "When I lost my hair, I bought a wig but couldn't wear it. I felt like I was putting on a beanie every morning, and what I was missing was myself. simply styling. Suddenly, I started to tie turbans that I accessorized with false bangs, ”explains the young woman on the site of her brand Les Franjynes.